3-5 Formative Instructional and Assessment Tasksfor the Standards in Mathematics
When teachers understand what students know and can do, and then use that knowledge to make more effective instructional decisions, the net result is greater learning for students and a greater sense of satisfaction for teachers.Bright and Joyner (2005)

On this site you will find tasks aligned to the NC Standard Course of Study for Mathematics that are designed to be used in a formative manner to guide instruction. Take a moment to review the Overview to learn more about how to use these assessments in your classroom and in your LEA.

As you use these tasks with your students, add to and adapt the materials in order to make them useful for your particular situation. The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction appreciates any suggestions and feedback, which will help improve upon this resource. Please send all correspondence to Kitty Rutherford (kitty.rutherford@dpi.nc.gov) or Denise Schulz (denise.schulz@dpi.nc.gov). This site has been created and is maintained by the North Carolina Department of Public (NCDPI) Elementary Mathematics Consultants and their public school partners.