Selecting a Formative Instructional and Assessment Task

The Formative Instructional and Assessment Tasks are placed with the corresponding Domain(s), Cluster(s), and Standard(s) on the common core assessment wiki. When searching for a task, simply click on the domain and cluster of interest. Tasks will be located with each standard assessed. In addition, each grade is provided with a comprehensive list of assessment tasks and the standards to which they align.

NOTE: Some tasks assess multiple standards. Therefore, tasks are placed with the primary standard assessed and additional standards assessed are noted in the table and with the task directions.

When selecting a task, consider the following:
  1. Designate a learning target. What skill or concept do you want students to know?
  2. Identify the student(s). Are you curious about all of the students, a handful of students, or one student in particular? Thinking about the student(s), what are you most interested in learning that is related to the learning target?
  3. Review and select the tasks. Locate tasks that are aligned with the learning target and address your questions about the student(s).
  4. Read the tasks carefully. Which tasks would best uncover student understanding for the particular learning target? Does it need to be a new task or one previously administered? Depending on the task and the learning target, the same task could be administered multiple times over the course of the year.
  5. Decide on an amount of tasks. To gain a more accurate view of student knowledge, one task may not be enough. Perhaps one task, along with classroom evidence, will provide an appropriate picture of the student’s understanding. Perhaps more than one task is needed.
  6. Decide how the tasks and materials will be presented. Will all students be assessed on a task at the same time? If so, what will students who finish earlier/later than others do as other students work? Will students move from one station to another? If so, what will they do if they have questions about the task? Will students need access to optional materials? If so, how will they be provided?